Morocco likely to be the destination for 2026

FIFA World Cup 2026: Morocco likely to be the destination

FIFA World Cup 2026: Morocco likely to fade away.

Must we laugh at it, must we cry!

Even if the result of the vote tomorrow Wednesday, June 13 for Mundial 2026 would come – God forbid! – to contradict the state of mind of the Moroccans this eve of the fateful date, we will keep alive this wound on our flesh: the proclaimed betrayal of the president of the Union of Arab football federations, Turki al-Sheikh, Saudi of his state deprived of all morality, leader of zizanie and irresponsible foolproof.

After having proclaimed his “support” so conditional to the candidacy of Morocco, led by one and the other, procrastinating endlessly, here he is now crawling in the light of everyone’s knowledge at the feet of Donald Trump. Not content to bring its jubilant support to the three competing countries of Morocco, in fact more to America, it is strong, the dollars require, to lobby for it, offering ruby ​​on nail huge sums to capture the vote and destroy the Moroccan dream.

The worst thing is that it is in the name of a country, Saudi Arabia, to which we will never forgive this sudden, not unexpected, but so brutal and badly operated flip-flop, which happened like a dagger in the back of the Moroccan people. In front of our eyes is a story of betrayal worthy of Shakespeare: “Keep me from my friends, from my enemies I take care of it! Said the poet!

Never has such a relevant word better illustrated a context that is almost rotten than it is today. In the same way, disappointment for disappointment, do not we come to realize another trick, say duplicity: Algeria, officially for the Moroccan bid for the organization of the World Cup 2026, “mandated a French deputy to sabotage the record of the Kingdom “, we just learned. Jean-Paul Lecoq, since it is him he is, Communist deputy of the Seine Maritime, said in a letter to FIFA that “the organization of the World 2026 in Morocco constitutes a violation of international law . This is at least what has just announced a dispatch of the APS “(Algerian press agency). Jean-Paul Lecoq is a sympathizer of the notorious Polisario who does not hide his dislike of Morocco and its institutions.

In the footsteps of the representative of Saudi Arabia, Turki al-Sheikh, have lined up, stiff as needy puppets, related in godillots of charms, many countries and governments that Morocco will count down tomorrow noon. Yes, indeed, we will count our friends and our adversaries, those for whom the ethics and the principle of commitment count, and those, cowardly or greedy, of whom the soul buys for so little.

Morocco has sided with Saudi Arabia, solidarity and standing as a man. He mobilized his soldiers to help defend his territorial integrity, volunteered in the Yemeni war, the least he can expect is a return of solidarity. If it is not massive and frank support, at least active neutrality. And certainly not a disastrous lobbying of an inconsequential person named Turki al-Sheikh, without faith or law.

History continues, and Trump the untimely, is called to leave once his or her mandates finished. Will remain the wake of a Saudi betrayal in the memory of peoples who never forget …

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